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Make plans today to protect our conservation future

Leaving a gift to Audubon in your will or trust, by beneficiary designation, or another form of planned gift can make a lasting difference to our work. Many gifts cost you nothing now, there is no minimum contribution, and you are not locked into a decision you make today.

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Tip of the Day

You tap one of your biggest assets to make a gift, while protecting your capital and facilitating the move to your next home or a retirement facility.

Does your home represent a large proportion of your assets? Will you need to sell it to finance your move to a retirement facility?

The charitable bargain sale is a unique gift plan in which we pay you cash for your home -- cash that you can use for the move to your next residence. The purchase price will be less than the home's market value, and that difference will produce a charitable deduction for you. In addition, your capital gains on the sale of the house, if any, are reduced in proportion to the discount you took on the sale price.

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